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Marc Reede combines years of experience as an expert “lecture agent to the stars” working with the most respected names in sports and business with his own philosophies about professional development and mentorship. His dynamic college keynote speeches feature exclusive advice videos from business and sports icons and influencers.

Bob Costas

Broadcasting Legend

Magic Johnson

NBA Legend/Business Icon

Kathy Ireland

Global Entrepreneur

Alexis Ohanian

Reddit Founder

Biz Stone

Twitter Co-Founder

Bert Jacobs

World Humanitarian

Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing Legend

Randi Zuckerberg

Facebook’s First CMO

Tamie Joe Shults

Heroic Southwest Pilot

Vin Scully

Sportscasting Legend

Tony Gonzalez

NFL Hall of Famer

Randy Garutti

Shake Shack CEO

Oz Pearlman

America’s Got Talent Star

Mick Ebeling

World Humanitarian

Joan Lunden

Iconic American Journalist

Jaymin Patel

Renowned Campus Speaker

Janet Evans

Olympic Swimming Legend

Jenny Fleiss

Rent the Runway Founder

Danny Meyer

Shake Shack Founder

Emmitt Smith

NFL Hall of Famer

Marcus Buckingham

Iconic Business Author

J.R. Martinez

American Hero

Chris Gardner

Pursuit of Happyness

Peyton Manning

NFL Legend

Carla Harris

Global Thought Leader

College Speaker and Mentor on The Transition from Campus to Career.

Marc is passionate about helping college students realize their full potential beyond the classroom. Consistently ranked as a top college speaker, he brings the perfect balance of an energizing audience-interactive speech combined with real-world experiences and credibility. Marc’s heartwarming stories and passionate delivery will not only serve to lessen students’ worries, they’ll walk out with practical ideas to put to use immediately. Invite this special college speaker and mentor to your campus today.

From Students and Professors

“Your talk was absolutely refreshing. I love that you described it as a ‘Talk from another dad’ because that is truly what it felt like.”
“It was so wonderful to have an honest conversation about my future with someone who knows what to expect.”
“I’ve been struggling with how to build connections in my field of interest. Hearing what you had to say was exactly the push I needed.”
“To see a successful person like yourself upholding the conviction that kindness matters meant alot to me.”
“Your constructive life points and advice helped give me a positive outlook on the future…you have some great insight and a humble way of delivering it.”
“Your advice was so helpful and I truly enjoyed how you talked about the value of Nice.”
“You have been the best speaker we’ve had by far.”
“…we all struggle with things like moving forward and the fear of change. You really addressed those big issues and really helped us all.”
“You were so engaged and passionate…it was impossible not to get excited with you.”
“I really thought I’d heard it all, but what you said was completely unique!”
“Your talk really spoke to each and every one of us, as we could relate to your stories through your family and experiences.”

In his talk, Marc will share key points from thought leaders and mentors to give your students a jumpstart on their future careers, including:


Would you hire you?

Asking college students to look in the mirror and feel comfortable that this is the person you want to represent your interests.

Making the Connection

Helping college seniors understand the importance of making connections in school, on a plane, in line at Starbucks, and then using platforms like LinkedIn to not only develop that network of contacts but to continually touch them all.

Find a Mentor

Identify those in your inner circle with the realization that your best Mentor candidate may just be one of your professors.

Limited Degrees of Separation

Making a list of those you’ve already met along the way will reveal that your reach in the business world is much wider than you think.

The Little Things that Make a Difference

How a simple handwritten note can open doors that once were closed.

Turn that Coffee Meeting into an Interview

It may have started as a mere request for coffee to a star on your wish-list, but take advantage of any chance to get in front of a prospective employer, business partner, or mentor to thoroughly impress. Inspire them to help you.

Change is the Only Constant that You Can Count On

This is the true test of life getting in the way of our passions. Change is inevitable, but how you deal with change and make it work to your advantage is key.

Creating Your Own Brand

College seniors come from a diverse realm of schools, backgrounds, and motivating factors. But they all have the same dreams, goals, wants, and desires to succeed in some way. Establish Me, Inc. to separate yourself from others vying for the same positions by identifying your true strengths and using these strengths to your gain.

Failure is an Important Part of this Game

Rejection will put you in a much better position to prepare to get a win from the next opportunity.

Advantage: You

While it surely may feel that the world is against you right now, you’re in such an envious position as a college senior about to graduate that this world is all yours for the taking.

If You Want It Bad Enough, You Better Ask For It

The importance of closing the deal and simply asking for the job.

Sharing Your Gift

While this quest for success may appear to be solely about personal gain, your true fulfillment will come as you learn the importance of giving back to others.

During Marc’s keynote speech, your seniors and grad students will enjoy short career advice videos from key influencers like Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s first Chief Marketing Officer:


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Marc Reede has had an innate love for all things sports and entertainment. While at UCLA, a close friend on the UCLA Basketball Team with NBA potential asked Marc to be his agent. Marc followed his heart and pursued a career in sports.

At his mentor’s suggestion, Marc earned his Law Degree from Loyola Law School with the hope of becoming a sports agent. Post-law school interviews with entertainment law firms and sports management companies revealed a side of the agenting business that didn’t appeal to Marc, and he found himself in his late 20’s struggling to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Marc then found a new interest working in live television as a Production Associate with NBC Sports.

This role put him in a position of closeness with the local sports teams in Los Angeles, and a chance encounter at age 28 with then-Lakers Head Coach Pat Riley gave Marc the opportunity to start his own business. Thus began a 30-year career for Marc as a lecture agent that would expose him on an up close and personal level with some of America’s most prolific athletes, entrepreneurs, and authors. The stories that Marc has heard firsthand from Bill Gates, Magic Johnson, Venus Williams, Maya Angelou, Neil Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, and so many more have equipped him with motivational and inspirational wisdoms that few get the chance to share at this level.

Marc’s longstanding passion for sports led both of his children to college: his daughter played tennis at The University of Southern California while his son swam for Boston College. And because a mentor was so instrumental during and after Marc’s college days, Marc Reede is devoted to assisting college seniors with this transition in their lives today as a popular college speaker.



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